Wah Yan School Hall Development Project

Our school is ameliorating its aging campus on Hong Kong Island in recent years. Under Phase III of such School Development Project (SDP), the school hall of WYHK will be demolished and rebuilt. A fundraiser known as “Wall of Stars” is initiated by the SDP Board, where each “star” costs around $1300 in Canadian funds.

The Board has agreed unanimously in the past Directors’ Meeting to gather donation from members and donate “star(s)” in WYCAA’s name. Therefore, I am writing to request your generosity in supporting a better learning environment provided to multitudinous generations of Wahyanites.

Please enclose your cheque payable to “Wah Yan College Alumni (Vancouver) Association” and send to

WYCAA (SDP) c/o Lawrence Chan,
3378 Cambie Street,
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 2W5

We have received a positive take off as a few members from the Class of 1967 in Vancouver have already donated a “star” to the SDP and they challenge the other graduating classes to out-perform them.

More information are available on the SDP website, http://www.wahyan-psa.org/sdp/

On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank you in advance for your generous support.

Yours truly,

Michael (2009 WYHK)
Secretary for WYCAA

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